Beny Alagem’s Beverly Hilton condo project gets another look

City officials to review long-delayed plan for 23-story tower and 140 condos

The Waldorf Astoria Residences and Beny Alagem
The Waldorf Astoria Residences and Beny Alagem

Is the third time the charm for Beny Alagem?

Alagem’s latest proposal for the luxury condominium expansion at his Beverly Hilton hotel will get another look from the Beverly Hills City Council in the coming weeks.

It’s the second time that the developer has sought to amend a construction plan that was approved in 2008, but that he has sought o change over the years. His team will present the latest incarnation in the second week of June.

Alagem wants to build a single 23-story condo tower instead of two buildings — one 18 stories and the other eight stories — that was approved a decade ago.

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Alagem previously proposed combining those towers into a single 26-story tower and put the question to Beverly Hills voters in late 2016, but they handed him a resounding defeat.

Alagem said just before that vote he would carry out the 2008 plan if voters didn’t support his 26-story proposal, but reneged and has since pursued the 23-story version of the plan.

The new proposal increases the number of condos units from the original version, from 110 to 140. The tower is referred to as the “Luxury Residences,” which may be new; the tower was previously called the “Waldorf Astoria Residences.” The new plan would also see a conference center shortened from two stories to one.

The 307-foot-tall condo tower would be the tallest tower in the city of Beverly Hills. Alagem’s team said construction would take about four year and they are aiming to break ground next year.