Trump to stump?

Nov.November 11, 2010 02:15 PM

Trump pals launch campaign to get him hired in 2012

The decider?

The Donald’s political aspirations may be purely speculative for now, (the closest Trump has come to acknowledging a possible presidential run in 2012 was admitting on “Good Day New York” last week that he is “for the first time… considering” it), but his pals are already organizing to try to make President Trump a reality., a new “grass roots” site dedicated to convincing the developer-turned-reality television star to make a bid for the nation’s top office, launched today, promising that Trump has what it takes to “improve the lives of each and every American citizen.”

According to the fine print, the site was paid for by Long Island government relations attorneys Bradley Gertsman and David Schwartz, Trump crony and pharmaceutical mogul Stewart Rahr, who owns a unit at Trump Park Avenue, and Michael Cohen, an executive vice president at the Trump Organization and a former candidate for political office, himself.

More from their pitch: “Empty promises echo across the nation every four years, stringing us along as we wait for something good to finally happen. Well it is finally here, and it is real. It is Donald J. Trump… Trump has the knowledge, the resources, the power and the experience needed to re-shape our ailing nation; restoring our hope. Under his guidance, the United States of America will once again be the land of opportunity, prosperity and strength.”

“We don’t need a career politician in the White House,” but rather a “business-minded person” with “a moderate voice,” Schwartz, expounding on the group’s message, told The Real Deal today. Or, put less subtly: someone with “the people skills, the street smarts, the common sense, who has gone out there and built empires, to save us from the abyss.”

Schwartz, a registered Republican who stresses that he’s “all about people, not parties” and has personally met Trump only a few times, said that while he and his cohorts haven’t yet spoken to The Donald about their campaign, he believes they’ll ultimately be successful in convincing him to run. Representatives for Trump, who is also registered with the Grand Old Party, could not immediately be reached for comment.

“This is really to show him that the American people would support his candidacy,” Schwartz said. “I think we’re going to create a movement.”

But if not Donald, then who? Schwartz conceded that Mayor Michael Bloomberg “certainly fits the model,” though “any person who runs against Obama will be in a tough race.”

The real question, he added, is “can a fiscal conservative, but someone who’s moderate on all other issues, get out of a Republican primary?”

Donald Trump: the change we’ve been waiting for?


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