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Bill Gates facing daily $500 fines on his Wellington property

The village has also filed a lien allowing it to foreclose on the horse farm
3155 Mallet Hill Court in Wellington and Bill Gates

3155 Mallet Hill Court in Wellington and Bill Gates

Bill Gates is facing a lien for building an illegal horse-waste storage facility on his Wellington horse farm. The village is fining him $500 a day until he destroys it and applies for a permit to rebuild.

Moreover, a lien filed on the Mallet Hill area property, located at at 3155 Mallet Hill Court, gives the village the right to foreclose on it, according to Gossip Extra.

A village special magistrate began fining Gates July 18, after the facility was not fixed for more than a year.

Gates has racked up $40,000 in daily fines so far – chump change considering that Gates is worth roughly $81 billion. Gates paid $8.7 million for the property. [Gossip Extra]Christopher Cameron

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