If life were a TV show, here’s how much rent you’d pay

Because fictional characters pay rent too

(Credit from back: Netflix, Pixabay)
(Credit from back: Netflix, Pixabay)

Though it’s not often central to the plot, your favorite characters pay rent — at least most of them.

ForRent.com broke down how much characters in five Netflix Original shows paid versus real market conditions in the neighborhood to find that some plots unexpectedly took liberty with the facts, while others stuck pretty close to reality. Here’s a look at how much the rent bill was on various shows. — Erin Hudson

Arrested Development – $1,900 versus $2,470

(Credit: Netflix)

The Bluths, however, are paying $1,900 for their 3,000-square-foot model three-bedroom home, which would actually be located in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County, California.

House of Cards – $2,300-$5,800

(Credit: iamnotastalker.com)

The modest-sized three-bedroom brownstone townhouse that actually appeared in the show (at least in exterior shots) is located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Stranger Things – $247 versus $767

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(Credit: Netflix)

A 3-bedroom house in made-up Indiana town is estimated to currently cost toward $800 per month, but, if we dial the clock back to 1983, the timeframe the show is set in, rents would have been closer to $250.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – $475 versus $650

(Credit: Brannon McAllister/Twitter)

Set in Greenpoint, the two-bedroom costs the characters $475 a month in total, which breaks down to $237.50 for each roommate.

Luke Cage – $0 versus $2,100

(Credit: ForRent.com)

But the main character, a superhero, doesn’t pay rent on his Harlem one-bedroom apartment on account of his super-strength. Street scenes were actually filmed in Washington Heights.