Four months later: These brokerages took in the most Town Residential agents

A TRD analysis found that Compass and Corcoran took on more than 100 brokers

Steve Gold (green), Danny Davis (red), Gina Gee (yellow) and a calendar flipping (Credit: Corcoran and LinkedIn)
Steve Gold (green), Danny Davis (red), Gina Gee (yellow) and a calendar flipping (Credit: Corcoran and LinkedIn)

Fans of “Million Dollar Listing New York” for weeks have been teased with clips of former Town Residential broker Steve Gold receiving the call: he was out of a job. Gold is seen swatting a camera out of the way as he hurriedly walks into Town’s former offices to learn of his fate.

While the outcome of Town Residential is by now widely known, it still makes for an important plot point, as the star broker had huge deals on the line. Gold, who is now plying his trade at the Corcoran Group, was among nearly 400 agents who learned that the firm would be closing its resale and leasing businesses, effectively the backbone of the company.

Four months after the closure, The Real Deal analyzed New York’s Department of State records to find out which firms absorbed the highest number of brokers. While 100 brokers remain without a home, the figures showed that Compass took on 54 new agents. But while the city’s biggest brokerages took the lion’s share of the available brokers, smaller firms also ramped up their own hiring efforts, collectively attracting 69 brokers across the city.

Corcoran, which broke its tradition of avoiding reality star brokers by taking on Steve Gold, welcomed 50 agents to the firm, including Danny Davis, Dana Power, Nicole Hecter, Asaf Bar-Lev, Fabienne Terwinghe, Carol Hagan-Holt and Emma Lester.

At the other major firms, Halstead drew in 36 brokers, Douglas Elliman hired 33, and Citi Habitats attracted 14.

Compass hired fast, and hired big, luring brokers with reportedly high splits and a hyped technology platform. To accommodate the brokers, Rob Lehman, chief growth officer at Compass, said in a statement that the firm was looking for more office space.

A team led by Jared Barnett and Augusto Bittencourt had signed over $10 million in contracts in their first month at the firm, Compass said. Other agents that landed at the VC-backed firm include Susan Green, Sean Hughes, Aeen Avini, Lindsey Stokes and Prince Dockery.

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John Ameralis, who juggled a summer marriage to his wife as well as setting up at Compass, said he has closed nearly 10 deals in the past few months. He said he was sold on the firm’s technology and marketing platforms.

But not all brokers were wooed by the venture capitalist-backed firm. “When I interviewed with Compass I wasn’t impressed with their technology and branding,” said Gina Gee, who moved over to Halstead after being contacted by every major firm. “Compass over-expanded so fast. I didn’t want to be at another Town.”

Brooke Davida, who also opted for Halstead, said that leaving behind Town’s perks would take some getting used to. “We were all very spoiled at Town, so any company is going to be a change of sorts.”

Below is a sortable table detailing where every Town agent has landed, if they have signed on with a new firm.

AgentNew Firm
Zachery D EmeryCiti Habitats
Yingyue YaoHalstead Manhattan
Ya WangDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Wilbur Gonzalezn/a
Wendy Kantorn/a
Wagner Eustaquio OliveiraDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Vyvy VoCiti Habitats
Vladimir LuzaderBrown Harris Stevens Residential Sales
Vivian KuoCorcoran Group
Virginia LangfordCompass
Viktoria WibergCorcoran Group
Victoria VasileABH Realty Corp
Victoria SarenkoBold
Vickiana M MaestreTown Sales & Marketing
Vicki Zhi SaaliHalstead Manhattan
Valerie GreenbergBioc Commercial Real Estate
Tycho DanMahadin Samir
Tushar M VoraCiti Habitats
Tracy A Hannan/a
Toni SuayaElegran
Todd MitchellArray Property Group
Thomas V BradyDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Theresa E DesantiDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Thalia Presinaln/a
Tetyana BrodskyTriumph Property Group Ltd
Teresa Marie AlessandroElegran
Ted KaragannisWarburg Realty Partnership Ltd
Tatiana BuninaSTG Realty Group Inc
Tarrick St. Aubin StewartOxford Property Group
Tanasha F PettigrewRealtyline New York Inc
Tammy Zelman CaressHalstead Manhattan
Tamara KaplanCore Group Marketing
Sylvia C Angn/a
Susan Siegelaub KatzHalstead Manhattan
Susan M SingerHalstead Manhattan
Susan L CornicelloCompass
Susan J GreenCompass
Susan GrellaCompass
Suleiman Ahmed MintyMetropolitan Property Group Inc
Steven W GoldCorcoran Group
Steven KeNest Seekers
Steven J BermanTime Equities Brokerage
Steve BrumanWarburg Realty Partnership Ltd
Stephen Drewn/a
Stefanie BowerCorcoran Group
Stanislav Sokolovn/a
Stacey CohenCompass
Sonia HerronHalstead Manhattan
Sofia Drekoun/a
Simi Teitelbaumn/a
Sima BrasonLG Fairmont
Shaun Dindialn/a
Sharon BuckleyBrown Harris Stevens Residential Sales
Serri KnightCore Group Marketing
Sean M HughesCompass
Scott MaulCharles Rutenberg
Scott HernandezCorcoran Group
Sarah WassermanDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Sarah KruseCorcoran Group
Sang A EversMirador Real Estate
Salleigh RothrockCiti Habitats
Ryan WheelerHighline Residential
Ruth Mendozan/a
Roselis CortezBold
Rose FrancoDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Rory NicholsCompass
Ronald Cavallon/a
Ron Sharirn/a
Romana DillonBond New York Properties
Rodolphe LombardCompass
Robyn Dawn HeibergerButtonwood Residential Brokerage
Robin LennonCiti Habitats
Robin DinkinCompass
Roberto A CabreraBrown Harris Stevens Residential Sales
Robert E Beachamn/a
Robert BadalovCharles Rutenberg
Robert Allynn/a
Rimma Doubinskaian/a
Richard S LebowTown Sales & Marketing
Raymond Iii MurphyDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Raushan Bertinn/a
Randy Sue LiebenthalCorcoran Group
Raija Maria AjoHalstead Manhattan
Rafael Ivan QuinonesReal New York
Rafael BadalovDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Prince DockeryCompass
Phyllis JaegerBrown Harris Stevens Residential Sales
Peter WeiHome Ambassadors
Peter SchwartzHalstead Manhattan
Perez Michele FrancoCorcoran Group
Patrick Emmet SullivanCompass
Patricia PradoCorcoran Group
Patricia Donovan MaderCorcoran Group
Otto Cedenon/a
Olivia IllouzCompass
Noelle Michelle BaillyCorcoran Group
Nina FisherOxford Property Group
Niianteh Aryeen/a
Nicole S HechterCorcoran Group
Nicole Marissa PembertonCorcoran Group
Nicole HayHalstead Manhattan
Nicolas ParedesWarburg Realty Partnership Ltd
Nicola ZhengReady Group
Nelson Alexis Eusebion/a
Nawal Moussa AoufehCorcoran Group
Naomi Goldflussn/a
Nancy D Shapiron/a
Namrata IsraniAdomee
Mughen Nakamuran/a
Monika MikhailDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Monica MoNest Seekers
Milan NikolicDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Michelle RoaNest Seekers
Michelle LuhanCompass
Michelle Annisn/a
Michelle Ann LeffertsMirador Real Estate
Michele Bednarshn/a
Michael Trapanin/a
Michael J DeckerBerkshire Hathaway Homeservices New York Properties
Michael J CohenCorcoran Group
Michael E BejzakDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Michael A HambergerCiti Habitats
Melissa KrigerCorcoran Group
Maxwell UllmanCompass
Maxwell Charles NehrigCorcoran Group
Maureen FranklinCompass
Mattie WeiserCompass
Matthew Dixonn/a
Matias Christian Omar Mendezn/a
Masayo J HashimotoCorcoran Group
Mary Nealie CobbEngel & Volkers New York Real Estate
Mary L Hall-MayerWarburg Realty Partnership Ltd
Mary K BezirjianCompass
Mary Anne DinanBerkshire Hathaway Homeservices New York Properties
Mark Zimmermann/a
Marina BernshsteinHalstead Manhattan
Mariela Paola StochettiDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Maria Rosales-Rahaln/a
Maria QuinnBond New York Properties
Maria P Mainierin/a
Maria Maneida PerryHighline Residential
Maria Fotioun/a
Marguerite R BirnbaumCorcoran Group
Margo RogersHalstead Manhattan
Marcia A Giordanon/a
Marci MerzerHalstead Manhattan
Marci FreedmanCorcoran Group
Marc Z BlumCiti Habitats
Marc Menachemn/a
Manisha Manglanin/a
Manisha ChawhanCorcoran Group
Madeline FaberHalstead Manhattan
Lutfi C HavliogluCompass
Luisa Juliana Gomezn/a
Ludy MichaelinOne And Only Realty
Luciane R Serifovicn/a
Louis Obiohan/a
Lorraine F PressHalstead Manhattan
Lori H Shabtain/a
Lori Ann KimDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Loretta DorazioCiti Habitats
Long NguyenCorcoran Group
Livia StivalDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Lisa BalbuenaCorcoran Group
Lisa A ShapirBond New York Properties
Lindsey S RobinsonCompass
Lindsey PerezBold
Linda J ElmaniHalstead Manhattan
Levi Michael RodriguezDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Les MooreSotheby's International Realty
Leora Aimee HasasCompass
Leda GorgoneNest Seekers
Lawrence HoCompass
Lawrence Grottsn/a
Lauren Secchin/a
Lauren Richmann/a
Lauren KronenfeldDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Lauren FeldesmanCompass
Larry GoldblattWeise Meredith L
Lance Miletichn/a
Kristina FisherCharles Rutenberg
Kristina Caitlyn PortoHalstead Manhattan
Kristin M Ehrgottn/a
Krista TruglioCompass
Kimberly RoseCompass
Kimberly A Kovacn/a
Khine TunBerkshire Hathaway Homeservices New York Properties
Kevin GomezDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Keren S TishmanCorcoran Group
Kelly Elizabeth SextonUptown Flats
Kelley J Voelkern/a
Kaylei Hawkinsn/a
Kathryn KellingerCorcoran Group
Karina Illesova BurzenskiOxford Property Group
Karen M PragerMajority Capital Advisors
Karen Anne FoxCorcoran Group
Kajsa HuttonHalstead Manhattan
Justin Reid Zelinn/a
Justin P StolarczykGarber Greg
Justin MartinezGunrick Residential
Juliet OuyoungCorcoran Group
Juliet A ClappHalstead Manhattan
Julie ChristoffersenWeise Meredith L
Julia DespinCompass
Judith K Levinen/a
Juan DongAmazing Homes And Properties Inc
Jr. Allen LyonsCompass
Jr Marc HummelDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Joseph S SnyderCorcoran Group
Joseph RuizEXR
Jose Miguel Estevezn/a
Jordyn SilverDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Jordan WellerCorcoran Group
Jonathan M Butwinn/a
Jonathan Cohenn/a
Johnathan AgreliusHalstead Manhattan
John ZakowskiHalstead Manhattan
John William MclarnonCorcoran Group
John Ryan Fitzpatrickn/a
John P CarapellaCompass
John J SheehanCompass
John FullerCompass
John AmeralisCompass
Joesph Tartaglia-MalterReal New York
Joe M CruzCompass
Joann WassermanDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Jill A CamacCompass
Jessica SternCorcoran Group
Jessica Debarrosn/a
Jeremy Williamsn/a
Jennifer E RegenstreichCompass
Jeffrey T CarlsonArgo Residential
Jeanine A CastellanoTown Sales & Marketing
Jason S PerkalCompass
Jason Renockn/a
Jason M Brownn/a
Jason HomaHalstead Manhattan
Jared BarnettCompass
Janis D Aurichion/a
Janet G. KainCorcoran Group
Jamie LeeArden Group International
Jamie L Rappaportn/a
James J Powern/a
James BrettholzCompass
Jaime SantiagoNest Seekers
Jaime GillespieElegran
Jacqueline M FopianoDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Jacob Nicholas Kolbn/a
Jaclyn RattnerTriplemint
Jackie SoussanCompass
Isabell Cecilia Birgitta ElfwingDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Illia Shapovalovn/a
Ibrehem M RahmanDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Ian PetersCiti Habitats
Holly HarnsongkramCompass
Henry James Ferryn/a
Gregory S GarwoodHalstead Manhattan
Gnesha ShainAdamit Achihud
Gina GeeHalstead Manhattan
Gillian MckenzieCompass
George Kefalogiannisn/a
Gary NurenbergDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Gary M Lacyn/a
Gannon WallachWarburg Realty Partnership Ltd
Gabrielle TroiaTown Sales & Marketing
Gabrielle Rae MarcusHalstead Feathered Nest
Frank J GerageDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Florrie Milan BeldockDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Fern S HambergerCiti Habitats
Fabienne TerwingheCorcoran Group
Eva SukhoterynaOxford Property Group
Esteban GomezCompass
Erin StabbCompass
Eric Alexander RoheHalstead Manhattan
Enrique Fabian Balinon/a
Enrique E Constanten/a
Emma LesterCorcoran Group
Elyse J RothenbergHalstead Manhattan
Ellen SussmanDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Ellen Penchukn/a
Ellen KapitSotheby's International Realty
Elkin J SernaHalstead Manhattan
Elizabeth Starling Millern/a
Elissa Dawn DrassinowerHalstead Manhattan
Elanna H Jochimekn/a
Elaine S Diratzn/a
Elaine MayersCorcoran Group
Elaine HuKWNYC Tribeca
Doty Lisa Michelle ResnickCorcoran Group
Dorel Tamamn/a
Doorba KrishnaiyerDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Dewayne A PowellDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Devin Shallopn/a
Denise L HellerHalstead Manhattan
Denae HowardCiti Habitats
Debra C HoffmanHalstead Manhattan
Deborah L SabecHalstead Manhattan
Dean E Dunbarn/a
Davide CallegatiBrown Harris Stevens Residential Sales
David FlorentinAccent Holdings
David A BorkowskyNest Seekers
Danny IbragimovNest Seekers
Danielle PecileCompass
Danielle LenoisCompass
Danielle Beth HamburgerCompass
Daniel RagoneCorcoran Group
Daniel MunozCharles Rutenberg
Daniel Mceneaney MceneaneyCompass
Daniel E Kaytonn/a
Daniel C Marrellon/a
Daniel Alan DavisCorcoran Group
Dana SingerCompass
Dana PowerCorcoran Group
Dana Louise TurnerMaz Group NY
Cristina CoteButtonwood Residential Brokerage
Cote Victoria A TerriButtonwood Residential Brokerage
Cory Sylvestern/a
Connie Lippertn/a
Colin Richard OlearyBerkshire Hathaway Homeservices New York Properties
Chu Siang TamDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Christopher McginnisGrand Lux Realty
Christopher J WhelanCorcoran Group
Christopher CoritsidisCorcoran Group
Christopher A MasseyCompass
Christina RiveraCompass
Celine Bocquet Gaya ThorntonCorcoran Group
Catherine GleesonCiti Habitats
Casey Durrencen/a
Carol Ann Hagen-HoltCorcoran Group
Bruno ReljicDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Brooke DavidaHalstead Manhattan
Brit Holtenn/a
Brian M Kelleyn/a
Brian DaleyHalstead Brooklyn
Brett A SolomonButtonwood Residential Brokerage
Brandon TrenthamCompass
Bradley CooperCorcoran Group
Bradbury Loretta M ShanahanCorcoran Sunshine Marketing Group
Blake Smithn/a
Blair RichardsonCiti Habitats
Beth Davis DavisHalstead Manhattan
Bernard M Marshalln/a
Benjamin BenalloulHalstead Manhattan
Ayanna T BartonIvey North
Augusto P BittencourtCompass
Augustino PiccoloCorcoran Group
Asease KorankyiMirador Real Estate
Asaf BarlevCorcoran Group
Arlene SommerCiti Habitats
Anthony DistauloDouglas Elliman Real Estate
Anna S GorokhovskayaRemax Edge
Angela L Luttrelln/a
Andrew M FeiwelCorcoran Group
Andrew HeibergerTown Williamsburg
Andrew HeibergerTown Astor Place
Anastasiia GrushaMNS
Amy Frances BearMotion New York
Amber Marie RobertsCorcoran Group
Amber E Woodn/a
Amber Clearyn/a
Alyssa D. AmatoCorcoran Group
Alyce HsuehBerkshire Hathaway Homeservices New York Properties
Aliya A Qizilbashn/a
Alix TrachtmanCompass
Alison BretherickBond New York Properties
Alina OkshteynModern Spaces
Alfred TomElegran
Alexandra Brunon/a
Alexander Justin HeydtCompass
Alexander BushQuantierra Advisors
Alan H LevyWarburg Realty Partnership Ltd
Aileen S GrossmannHalstead Manhattan
Aeen AwiniCompass
Adrienne WenderCompass
Adam S Taylorn/a
Adalid EscamillaBond New York Properties
Aaron H RossDouglas Elliman Real Estate