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Agents Provide White-Glove Relocation Services to Clients with Roadway Moving

Ross Sapir, Roadway’s Founder and President
Ross Sapir, Roadway’s Founder and President

Moving into a new house is an exciting time for your clients, but actually moving is always a stressful experience.

NYC’s most reputable moving company has earned its place atop the industry by making this daunting process as seamless as possible. Serving residential, commercial and office clients, Roadway Moving’s state-of-the-art storage and relocation services are the best-in-class whether you’re moving around the block, long-distance or around the world. Now, with its innovative referral program for real estate agents, Roadway empowers you to help your clients with the moving process while adding to your bottom line. TRD sat down with Ross Sapir, Roadway’s Founder and President, Steven Bailey, Head of Business Development for Roadway Moving, and Miles Latinovic, Roadway Account Executive, to learn how Roadway is helping to bolster your business while giving back to the community. 

Driving Success, Together

In our last article, we learned about the company’s roots, its employee- and customer-focused culture, the cutting-edge technology it employs, and its vision for further growth. Today we’re diving into Roadway’s growth strategy, which revolves around creating strong relationships across the New York real estate industry, especially with agents, whose crucial role in helping clients navigate the complex world of NYC real estate makes them the perfect partners. 

By working with Roadway, NYC agents can ensure that their clients receive the same high quality of care during the moving process as they did through the sale, creating a seamless experience that leaves clients satisfied from the day they schedule an on-site visit to the moment that the last box is dropped off in their new home or office.

“Clients expect their agent to provide the right referral for a moving provider, who can streamline the process and execute the move flawlessly. It all comes down to trust,” says Latinovic.

“Personalization is our watchword. We approach every client move with an incredible amount of detail and take pride in our work from start to finish.”

To reward agents who refer Roadway to their clients, the moving company has set up the Platinum referral program, which gives the agent power to either get a little more money out of the sale for themself or give the client a discount on their move. With the program, agents have their choice of receiving 10% of the cost of the move in cash, passing that same 10% discount to their client, or giving the 10% to the charity of their choice.

As Bailey explains, the referral program helps assure that the move itself will offer the same white-glove approach as the buying and selling experience the agents and brokers provide. “Being able to align with a reliable company that boasts a proven track record and the level of service Roadway promises is a win-win for everyone,” he says. “It reflects well on agents when they provide this service.”

Making Everyone Look Like A Rockstar

Of course, the referral program isn’t all that Roadway offers agents and brokers. Roadway gives them not only peace of mind that a move will go smoothly but transparency along the entire journey, allowing them to keep clients informed and ultimately making them look like the experts they are. Roadway distinguishes itself from other moving companies with its detailed approach, providing a deeply personalized experience and employing dedicated teams that value and understand client expectations. 

Roadway begins by guiding clients through a comprehensive list of activities in a manner that is straightforward and easily comprehensible, ensuring clarity and anticipation of what lies ahead. Because moves can be complex—from parking logistics to tight elevator restrictions—Roadway’s professionals are highly communicative throughout the entire process, from the first email and estimate to locking down the date and performing a successful move.

“A move is more than just physically relocating items from Point A to Point B,” says Sapir. “We’re moving their memories, their artifacts and most treasured possessions, which are of great value both intrinsically and extrinsically.”

While this philosophy makes Roadway the perfect moving partner for agents around New York, the company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 97.4% and sizzling star rating of 4.97 should give agents confidence that their clients will have an excellent experience with Roadway, and ultimately thank them for the recommendation.

“Our goal is to make everyone we interact with look like a rock star,” explains Latinovic. “We want them to be rewarded for selecting us as the moving partner.”

Confidentiality Matters

Roadway applies the same high level of confidentiality across its entire range of services, from packing, relocating, unpacking, and storing. Whether it’s a high-profile individual, a sensitive business relocation or simply a desire for privacy, the importance of maintaining client privacy during the moving process is critical.

The company is popular among influencers, celebrities, and talent agencies. While some of these leading personalities want to create content surrounding the move, Roadway is careful not to disclose locations and other personal details from inside their home in order to protect their privacy, which makes the company’s discretion imperative. “We gain their trust because of our extensive experience,” Bailey points out.

This reputation for excellence caught the attention of hometown legends the New York Yankees, who have made Roadway their Official Moving and Storage Partner for two years in a row. 

“It’s an incredible testimony to the high level of standards and value we both share,” says Bailey.

Amir Korangy, Founder of The Real Deal, recently benefited from Roadway Moving’s services. In a recent Instagram testimonial, he described the comprehensive process that removed all uncertainty from the event. He was most impressed by the crew’s attitude throughout the move. “They seemed to genuinely be enjoying it,” he said. “Roadway thinks of all of the detailed nuances and takes care of your apartment and your belongings. If you are looking to move, I highly recommend them.”

New York Focused, Global Reach

In addition to building relationships with NYC real estate agents and brokers, Roadway shows its dedication to the NYC community through its Roadway Gives Back program.

“We believe in the profound impact of giving back to our community,” says Sapir. “Enriching the lives of those in need and also helping foster a sense of purpose among our team, it reinforces our commitment to making a positive defense in the world.”

To demonstrate the strength and determination that fuels the fight against AIDS and cancer, Roadway sponsored the AIDS Walk NYC and American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides against Breast Cancer” walks in San Francisco and New York, with plans to extend to additional cities in the future. 

Roadway provides moving and storage services to organizations that need it most, using what it does best to improve the lives of those around New York. The company donates 25 trucks each year to help FeedingNYC hand-deliver more than 80,000 boxes containing all the ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving meal to shelters and other access points around the city. 

The company also provides moving and storage services to The Prevailers, an organization of handcycle racers that embodies Roadway’s belief that the journey is just as important as the destination. Like Roadway, the Prevailers move with purpose, and the moving company is proud to store, deliver, and pick up equipment for the organization whenever it hosts events.

Roadway is also a proud sponsor of the Bronx Borough’s Veterans Toy Drive, providing over $5,000 worth of toys each year to children of families of veterans.

“No matter the client, we truly care about the people we work with,” says Bailey. “Because we are so experienced in this, we have a leg up on our competition. We are unmatched.”

Would you like to learn more about Roadway Moving’s service and dedication to excellence? Find out about their referral program here and visit them at The Real Deal’s NYC Real Estate Forum at Booth #17, where they’ll be meeting and greeting visitors and offering fun giveaways and activities.