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Here’s what Trump’s property taxes in Palm Beach could total in 2017

Mar-a-Lago's estimated tax bill is nearly $464k
August 21, 2017 04:50PM

Mar-a-Lago and Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s real estate empire in Palm Beach County will likely generate $1.19 million in property taxes for 2017, according to the Palm Beach Daily News.

The property appraiser’s estimate includes Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, two golf courses and a pair of houses. In Palm Beach, Mar-a-Lago will be billed an estimated $463,941, and two homes and a vacant parcel will generate an additional $184,620.

The larger home, at 1094 South Ocean Boulevard, was appraised at $8.43 million and the smaller house at 124 Woodbridge Road has an appraised value of $2.3 million, according to the Palm Beach Daily News.

Palm Beach’s property owners are taxed $16.80 per every $1,000 of taxable value, not including fees levied for solid-waste services by the town and county. The property appraiser sent out estimates on Monday.

Outside of the town of Palm Beach, the 183-acre Trump National Golf Course in Jupiter racked up a $400,086 bill. And the Trump International Golf Course clubhouse near West Palm Beach, which spans 277 acres, has an estimated value of $17.7 million with an estimated tax bill of $141,728. [Palm Beach Daily News]Amanda Rabines