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He got lucky, babe: Tom Petty superfan buys singer’s childhood home

The California buyer wants to turn the Gainesville home into a museum, reports say
June 16, 2019 09:00AM

Tom Petty and his childhood home at 1715 NE 6th Terrace (Credit: Getty Images)

Tom Petty and his childhood home at 1715 NE 6th Terrace (Credit: Getty Images)

A California real estate agent and self-proclaimed Tom Petty superfan bought the musician’s childhood home in Florida, with plans to turn it into a tourist destination.

Kevin Beauchamp learned through a Tom Petty fan page on Facebook that the singer’s childhood home in Gainesville might be put on the market. The California real estate professional got in contact with the owner, according to The Gainesville Sun.

The property was never officially listed, but the current owner said she was inundated with offers after posting in the Facebook page her intentions to sell.

The modest, single-family home was valued by a local appraiser at $112,000, though other online sources put its value at $160,000, according to the newspaper. Built in 1952, much of the home has been rehabbed, though the bathroom’s pink tile remains from Petty’s days.

Beauchamp, who paid $175,000 for the house, is seeking to work with other Petty fans and a local music nonprofit to turn the home into a museum or some sort of tourist destination, according to the Sun. Such plans have not been approved by the Gainesville City Council.

Not all homes tied to celebrity musicians are having such an easy time finding buyers. Kanye West sold a Hollywood Hills home for $3 million, after originally listing it for $3.9 million. Billy Joel is still looking for a buyer for two of his South Florida mansions, even after reducing one of the home’s asks by $1 million.

Then again, even the losers get lucky sometimes.

[Gainesville Sun] — Joe Ward