Celebrity couples we hope are happening right now in 443 Greenwich

From LLNYC: Every other week it seems, yet another celebrity buys an apartment at what has become the hottest building in the city: 443 Greenwich. While the units are (of course) big and beautiful, the building is also attractive because of the privacy it affords these celebrity tenants. Thanks to its underground motor court, they can zip in and out of the building undetected by the paps.

These celebs come from all walks of life and from all countries, but one thing we noticed is that many of them are also single. And honestly, we can think of No Better Place to conduct a secret love affair far from prying eyes than your own paparazzi-proof Tribeca tower.

So without further ado, we present to you our 100 percent fictitious, completely fantastical dream celebrity pairings that we really hope are happening right now in 443 among the known tenants.* Feel free to suggest your own in the comments.

Jennifer Lawrence and Jake Gyllenhaal

Sure, J.Law is currently dating director Darren Aronofsky, but that only proves she likes older men! And Gyllenhaal is like 1,000X better looking, so we think he is a good choice for her. They can talk about filming movies in the American heartland (“Brokeback Mountain” for him, “Winter’s Bone” for her), and can take a drive over to Brooklyn in their electric cars to hang out with Jake’s sister, Maggie. Plus their apartments are only one floor apart from each other! So maybe this couple isn’t happening yet, but we kind of hope it does in the future…

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Harry Styles and Rebel Wilson 

Ok, so this one is a leeetle out there, but hear us out. Harry Styles is adorable, loves wearing feminist t-shirts and is beloved by millions of teenage girls/adult women. What better match for him than a partner who can make him laugh all the time like Rebel? We picture them playing pranks on Justin Timberlake in the indoor swimming pool and hosting singing sessions in the building’s basement. Plus their combined accents would just be too charming to handle.

Meg Ryan and Lewis Hamilton 

Ryan is more than twenty years older than Hamilton, but she’s definitely got that cougar vibe. And Hamilton needs a mature lady to keep him grounded and help him beautifully decorate his new penthouse (after all, no single man can handle a $55 million apartment by himself). We imagine Hamilton taking Ryan on romantic and super fast jaunts upstate in his Mercedes, and Ryan introducing him to Tom Hanks, and possibly casting him in her next movie. Seems like a match made in penthouse heaven to us!

* We’ve excluded Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel because they’re married. Though, to be fair, that’s never stopped anyone before!