Elon Musk says he’s living in a 375-sf prefab “Casita”

World’s 2nd richest man sold nearly all his properties after promising to “own no house”

Elon Musk with Boxabl units (Getty, Facebook via Boxabl)
Elon Musk with Boxabl units (Getty, Facebook via Boxabl)

Elon Musk made good on his promise to “own no house” by selling off nearly all of his high-priced properties last year.

Now, the world’s second richest man said his primary home is a 375-square-foot prefab in Boca Chica, Texas, according to the Houston Chronicle.

He’s living in an accessory dwelling unit from the company Boxabl, which boasts that its Casita units can be set up in just one day.

He “rents” the units from his company SpaceX, which has a manufacturing and testing facility in the area.

Musk’s own Casita is set up as a studio with one large room divided more or less equally into a bedroom area, kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

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Musk built up a sizable portfolio of mostly mansion properties over the years, mostly on the West Coast.

He tweeted in May 2020 that he was “selling almost all physical possessions,” and would “own no house.”

He does still own a 16,000-square-foot mansion in the Bay Area, although it’s currently on the market for $37.5 million.

Musk began listing his properties shortly after tweeting plans last year, starting with two neighboring homes in Los Angeles’ chic Bel Air neighborhood.

A couple of weeks later he listed four other Bel Air properties that were later purchased by spec developer Ardie Tavangarian.

[HC] — Dennis Lynch 

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