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Reflecting on a Year of Success and Preparing for the Future with BSH Home Appliances Corporation

Pictured: Andrew Karcich, John McDonough, Chris Kaeser, Charles Cote
Pictured: Andrew Karcich, John McDonough, Chris Kaeser, Charles Cote

The Real Deal has partnered with leading global manufacturer BSH Home Appliances Corporation to amplify the company’s award-winning appliance brands and the many effective ways it collaborates with builders and developers to support their goals. As we review the past year and look ahead to the excitement inherent in 2024, we compiled a summary of some highlights, along with links to some of our most-clicked stories where you can learn more.

A trio of brands provide technological innovation and impeccable aesthetics

The three brands under the BSH Home Appliances Corporation umbrella – ultra-luxury Gaggenau, luxury Thermador, and premium brand Bosch – cover the entire continuum, lending sophistication to any project and elevating it to attract the most discerning of consumers.

With each brand offering a different value proposition uniquely suited to a specific customer profile, we explored what makes each distinctive. With its iconic design, functionality and timeless craftsmanship, Gaggenau, is considered the leading ultra-luxury appliance brand in the world. Its inclusion in prominent properties in locales like Dubai and Europe gives it a cachet among the ultra-high net worth buyer who has been exposed to a global lifestyle and makes it a go-to for developers in top markets like New York and Miami.

In a segment of the “Developer Diaries” series focusing on 611 West 56th St., renowned developer Amit Khurana, founder of Sumaida + Khurana, called Gaggenau “the Rolls Royce of appliances,” as he shared more about why his firm prioritizes the timeless appeal of Gaggenau appliances to enhance the other elements of the kitchen, from millwork to marble.

“It’s where clients spend so much of their lives and Gaggenau goes the extra mile to round out this important space,” Khurana says.

Another “Developer Diaries” segment featured Lightstone’s Scott Avram, Senior Vice President of Development, who shared why he selected the Gaggenau brand for a pair of new Lightstone developments in New York City – 130 William and 40 East End. Although the developments are different aesthetically, with the kitchens at 130 William featuring a more contemporary vibe while those at 40 East End have a more traditional style design, the Gaggenau appliances fit seamlessly into both. “We focus on quality and craftsmanship in all our projects,” Avram says, adding that today’s consumers are more knowledgeable, which inspires them to deliver a premium product that exceeds expectations. “Success comes from being an innovator, and BSH is ahead of the curve,” he says. “It’s really unique that you can have an appliance that can be so diverse that it meets two different design aesthetics.”

Another iconic New York landmark, DUMBO’s priciest building the Olympia, also boasts Gaggenau throughout. “It’s a brand that is instantly recognized by our clients, and we appreciate how they are not only a technological leader, but that they understand the vision of our luxury clientele,” says Casey Drake, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fortis Property Group in a recent “Developer Diaries” piece that explored this opulent property.

“They focus on integrating appliances into the design itself, which makes you feel like you’re in a living space, not a kitchen.”

BSH’s brand Thermador represents the epitome of luxury and excellence. Its ideal customer typically embraces a passion for the culinary arts, striving to create a restaurant-quality kitchen to match their zeal for entertaining. This award-winning brand is renowned for a wide catalog of innovation breakthroughs and is a leader in the research, development and manufacturing of high-end induction appliances, a method of cooking that is prized for an expedited cooking experience that gives an exceptional culinary result with faster, more energy-efficient and precise heat.

In another “Developer Diaries” segment featuring the urban oasis The Rockwell, Orlando Rodriguez, Director at Whitehall Interiors, discussed their work on the development’s modern kitchens and how the line of Thermador products recommended by BSH’s builder team has transformed the kitchens into a chef’s dream. “Our partnership with BSH and Thermador is truly special,” he says, adding that BSH’s insight created a space that makes an elegant statement while providing the ultimate in functionality. An avid and accomplished chef himself, Rodriguez says, “I want residents to enjoy cooking as much as I do.”  

Bosch, with its apt tagline, “Invented for Life,” also reaches a premium customer, yet with a comparatively lower price tag that still retains the stature of its sister brands – never compromising in either design or functionality. In fact, for five consecutive years, Bosch has been named America’s Most Trusted Kitchen Appliance by Lifestory Research, based on responses from nearly 20,000 active consumers, earning the top ranking in every category, including dishwashers, refrigeration, microwaves and cooktops.

“That credibility and acknowledgment from these trusted third-party arbiters validates the innovation our engineers and product team deliver in every one of our appliances,” says Mimi Doan, Brand Manager for Bosch.

With these three brands united under one overarching company, developers enjoy unrivaled flexibility to suit a variety of project needs, “Our ability to mix brands as needed depending on the price points – say, Bosch on floors 1 to 25, Thermador on 26 to 50 and Gaggenau in the penthouses – gives us an incredible advantage for our partners who are eager to draw this collective R&D strength and streamline their project planning, while achieving market rates throughout the building,” says John McDonough, Vice President, National Builder Sales for BSH Home Appliances Corporation.

BSH Prioritizes a Comprehensive Role as a True Collaboration Partner

The myriad details involved in any development means that builders must rely on trusted suppliers to ease the process. Not only does BSH’s portfolio represent a unique offering that’s well-positioned to meet the spectrum of needs of the building and development community, but they commit to making the process seamless. “Our clients are looking for smart design solutions that meet elevated parameters for quality, value and innovation, but they also expect us to provide the highest level of support,” says Andrew Karcich, Builder Sales Manager for the East Coast market. “We know they’re busy so we aim to always be responsive on every facet and meet them where they need us to be.” You can read more about its bespoke service — from concept through delivery – in this story.

Specifiers aim to make informed decisions that will delight their end customer, and BSH is committed to streamline the process. From inspiration to installation, BSH offers an extensive internal network that seamlessly manages all touch points, ensuring the project is delivered within budget and schedule parameters, as detailed in this recent article.

The internal builder team focuses on product replenishment, delivery and installation and its designers help suggest curated solutions that will meet goals for performance and aesthetics, taking into account space considerations for the optimal kitchen layout for space and ergonomic planning.

Experiencing the options adds an extra layer of confidence, so partners have discovered a valuable resource in the BSH Experience and Design Centers (EDC), immersive full-line showrooms where experts can answer all their design and technical questions and empower them to curate the most advantageous collections.

Located in key markets, including New York; Chicago; and Irvine, California, with more in the pipeline, BSH just revealed its newest EDC, boasting one of the best views in Miami as it showcases each of the BSH brands in upscale surroundings, with a 3,000 square-foot terrace overlooking the bay. 

As EDC projects near completion, the team then works with the developer and the general contractor to determine their delivery requirements — whether it’s three floors at a time or all of the products staged in one location.

Finally the VIP Service Network comes into play, with dedicated personnel to walk jobs, especially more intricate projects, to ensure success. They also support residents as they move in so they are equipped to maximize product features and functionality, in some cases even offering culinary education.

“Often these sweeping projects range anywhere from two to five years out so in some cases we’re managing product that’s not even been built yet,” says Christopher Kaeser, Senior Vice President of Sales for BSH Home Appliances Corporation. “It’s vitally important to have the entire internal team committed to overseeing the product flow, which assures stakeholders their needs are being met.”

Looking back/looking ahead

The ability to deliver exceptional quality to a discerning clientele means that BSH’s accomplished professionals have to be savvy on the latest in industry trends.  In one recent article, we spoke with Charles Cote, Western Regional Builder Sales Manager, and his team regarding four key trends that reshaped real estate in 2023, and which will once again be a critical factor for success in 2024.

These include:  

  • A boom in the prestige rental market

With a notable flight to quality extending into the rental market, developers are embracing BSH’s premium brands and eschewing lesser-regarded names that had traditionally been used to outfit rental buildings. These projects are finding a ready audience and any advantage they can offer, such as best-in-class appliances, can help make a favorable impression on luxury clients.

  • The desire for attentive service and an elevated experience

Builders, architects and the entire development team expect attention and insight, and because BSH makes the entire process turnkey, it has built an impeccable reputation for catering to builders’ needs with an ethos of service that matches its deluxe products.

  • An emphasis on sustainability

BSH was an early adopter of more climate-friendly regulations and the entire corporation worldwide has been carbon natural since 2020, a commitment that resonates with builders. One of its most exciting and sought-after services is its induction technology. As a known leader in the category, BSH Home Appliances Corporation is finding developers eager to use this coveted technology to meet local ordinances and also in projects where they are aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • A desire to support meaningful causes

“Builders have a flourishing desire to give back and make a positive impact on the world through charitable efforts,” notes Cote. “BSH Home Appliances Corporation’s philanthropic affiliations are well aligned and present another element their builder partners can feel good about promoting.” One special feature is the ownership structure of the Bosch Group. The Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, a charitable foundation, holds around 94 percent of the shares in Robert Bosch GmbH and is financed by dividends. Since its establishment in 1964, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has spent around 2.2 billion euros on its charitable work.

And, we caught up with several BSH Builder Team Representatives for additional thoughts on trends to watch. 

“As we step into the future of home development in 2024, our builder team at BSH is committed to staying at the forefront of industry trends. We anticipate continued demand for premium appliances that seamlessly integrate into diverse design aesthetics, and our goal is to offer innovative solutions that exceed the expectations of both developers and homeowners,” says McDonough.

Here are three trends the team highlighted:

Innovation in design and functionality:

“Looking ahead, BSH remains dedicated to being an industry innovator, anticipating the evolving needs of the market. In 2024, our focus is on introducing groundbreaking design elements and cutting-edge functionalities that not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of kitchens but also enhance the overall cooking and living experience. We’re excited to set new benchmarks in luxury appliance solutions.” – Chris Kaeser, BSH Home Appliances Corporation

Sustainable solutions for tomorrow:

“As sustainability takes center stage in the real estate landscape, our builder team at BSH is poised to lead the way. In 2024, we foresee a continued emphasis on eco-friendly appliances and energy-efficient solutions. BSH is committed to providing builders with not only premium products but also sustainable choices that align with the industry’s growing focus on environmental responsibility.” –  John McDonough, BSH Home Appliances Corporation

An elevated customer experience:

“2024 marks a new chapter for BSH in redefining the customer experience in home development. Our builder team is focused on delivering more than just appliances; we aim to offer a comprehensive and seamless journey for developers, from inspiration to installation. In the coming year, we anticipate setting new standards for service excellence and creating lasting partnerships that extend beyond the kitchen.” – Andrew Karcich, BSH Home Appliances Corporation

As developers look ahead to achieving success in the increasingly competitive market, they need an ally they can rely on to offer not just the most desirable product in terms of functionality and technology, but also an elite support team that can ensure success throughout the project. They need look no further than the expert team at BSH Home Appliances Corporation and its family of prestige brands.